Get YouTube Sensations, The Brett Domino Trio, to Record New Video In Your Front Room

Brett Domino is the alter ego of BATMAN! Rob J. Madin, who has built up almost 10 million YouTube views for his versions of cover songs. Sort of how Walk Off The Earth members all played one giant instrument, Brett Domino (and the musicians he ropes in for The Brett Domino Trio) play tiny instruments, such as a kazoo and ketar. Recently, they have received publicity by doing a Justin Timberlake Medley, which was liked by JT himself. Check it out below.

The Brett Domino Trio – Justin Timberlake Medley

Well, if you like this sort of crap stuff, you can bid on eBay to have the trio record their new video in your living room. Hobos, do not apply. As noted on their website, “Want Brett Domino and Steven Peavis to come to your house and perform live in your living room? Want the event to be immortalised in the form of a YouTube video that will be seen by thousands? Want to get your hands on a signed Brett Domino Trio goodie bag? On Saturday 19th May, Brett Domino and Steven Peavis will travel to the hometown of the winning bidder, and play an exclusive live performance. This could be in your living room, your kitchen, your garden, your garage… anywhere you like. Just as long as you have permission from the property owner, and your neighbours don’t mind. The event will be fully documented by a film crew, and the resulting film will be uploaded to Brett’s YouTube channel in May – going out to over 50,000 subscribers.”

Radiohead, I’d be selling my kidney. Brett Domino Trio, not so much. But hey, cool idea all the same. Check out the eBay ad, and spend those Canadian pennies – before they go extinct.

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