This Super Mario Bros. Guitar Will Make You The Coolest Plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom

When you’re in a rock band, you want to have cool gear. Photo shoots, music videos, and live shows are all opportunities to make a statement, whether it’s with one of those double guitars that Otto from the Simpsons loves, a V-shaped guitar, or the classic Noel Gallagher Union Jack guitar. Geekd Out from Australia has made a guitar that’ll cost you more than 100 coins to play – it’s a Super Mario Bros. guitar (via Technabob).

super mario guitar (via

I’m guessing the Luigi guitar wasn’t a popular idea

The Aussie describes the custom guitar as “24 Fret, Full size, amazing quality. Full floating tremolo, Locking neck, Easy access to the top of the neck, Mushroom inlays, amazing sound, and looks fantastic.” A pretty modest assessment. The guitar will set you back $489 Australian Dollars, which isn’t a real currency, is it? I thought they paid with eucalyptus leaves or something? Anyway, check it out over at (I see what they did there!) and check out a video about the Making Of the guitar below.

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