Listen! Ben Folds Five – Erase Me

Ben Folds has given up his day job, and returned to his previous day job. The trio Ben Folds Five are back together, and doing a reunion, reunion album. The album is The Sound of the Life of the Mind, which sounds sort of complicated. I want lighter fare, like “give me my money back, you bitch!”

The first tune – Erase Me – shows off some of the falsetto of Ben Folds , as well as the usual piano rock music. However, the song is a lot more ambitious than some of the singles that they’ve released before, with both musical and vocal explorations that we haven’t always heard from the band. Check it out below. The album is out on September 18.

(via Stereogum)

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  1. 2012/09/10

    […] having reunited after several years apart. The unorthodox but good first listen we had of their new material was of Erase Me. We have two more songs for you to listen to, which brings the total to 3 for most people, or 5 if […]