Morning Music Notes – Conchords Take Flight Again

Dr. Dre is Rich, Ringo Starr is Rich, You and I Are Not Rich (Unless It’s Dre or Ringo Reading This)

Dr. Dre, the rap and producing legend (who also has a series of headphones to rival my line – Pete’s Beats), has cracked the Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities List (via Hip Hop DX). Miss Everything, Oprah Winfrey, came in at number one, but Dre wasn’t too far behind at number 5, with $110 million in cold, hard cash (well, not actually cash). Most of his money came from his Beats by Dre headphone line, which HTC bought a 51% stake in for $300 million.

Ringo Starr is also rich, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as he is a FUCKIN’ BEATLE! According to a (possibly bullshit site I’ve never heard of) listing on, the 72 year old drummer is the richest drummer in the world (via NME). What about Animal from the Muppets – doesn’t he count?!

Ringo is worth $300 million, while former Genesis drummer Phil Collins is worth $250 million, and some Dave Grohl guy (who was in the Muppets movie, with the mega rich Animal) is worth $225 million. Don Henley from the Eagles sits in 4th, and Lars Ulrich is 5th. Somehow, U2’s Larry Mullen Jr. (of the mega money making tours) is 7th and not higher, and the same with Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, who is 6th. This list is crap, right Animal?

I Always Knew Lady Gaga Was Faking It!

Lady Gaga has 29 million Twitter followers, which is about 29 million more than PeteHatesMusic has (come help us out!). A study by Status People suggests that 71% of her most recent 100,000 followers are 11 year old girls either inactive or spamming accounts and bots (via NME). This could apply to a lot of her 29 million followers, too.

The research separates people’s accounts into fake, inactive, and good (which are all adjectives I use to describe my sex life especially the inactive part). Although we’re picking on Lady Gaga, the high percentage of inactive or fake accounts applies to many celebrities (such as myself, clearly).

iTunes Festival to Be Streamed on iTunes Festival App

The iTunes Festival, which I have been talking about happening in London in September and everyone has been ignoring because they are not in London in September, is now more relative to you. Why? BECAUSE I’M FLYING YOU TO LONDON!!! Because there is a new universal iTunes Festival iOS app plus a new Apple TV App that will streaming the whole thing (via iPhone in Canada). Head over here to grab the app to see artists such as Muse, Noel Gallagher, Mumford & Sons, Jack White, the Killers, and more, play at the Roundhouse in London.

Mega Upload Founder Kim Dotcom Back At It Again

The ridiculously named Kim Dotcom is out on bail, after his illegal file sharing and storage site Mega Upload, came crashing down and led to his arrest. Dotcom (if I can call him that) has asked developers to contact his company for early access to the API for his latest application (via Digital Trends). The project is simply called “Mega” and no exact details are known, but features are likely to include one-click encryption and perhaps a legitimized version of the file sharing that was Mega Upload. Let’s just hope he keeps busy with that and doesn’t release any more songs.

Check out the Video of the Flight of the Conchords Charity Song

Several illegal and short rips of the video below were floating around yesterday, but the good journalist that I am (read: lazy) decided to wait until the longer, legitimate version surfaced. The Flight of the Conchords have gotten back together for a charity single for CureKids. We get a relatively funny, 14 minute video showing Jermaine and Bret meeting with children to help cook up the lyrics to their group charity single.

Funny enough, one of the kids starts talking about the Muppets, to which Bret did some of the songs, and won an Oscar for his efforts. Jermaine teases one of the kids, noting that the songs were “Very derivative, right?”

The song uses lyrics the kids say, such as “lostpital” and “drinking bubbles”, so be sure to watch the run up to the song. The video features a bunch of other pop stars who I don’t know, but I’ll assume they are good and/or funny at what they do. The actual song starts around the 10:20 mark, so check it all out below. The video is to raise money for CureKids, and you can donate if you were moved by the cute video, by going here.

Flight of the Conchords – Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

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