Kim Dotcom Shows Mega Upload Was His Talent, Not Singing

Kim Dotcom, the mega rich and mega arrested founder of download site Mega Upload, has created another song and video. Check out his first, um, not so awesome song here, which bizarrely featured cameos from Kanye West, P Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and more. WTF?! Kim (Dotcom, not Kardashian) is back at it again, with a new YouTube video called Mr President, noting that the war on Internet freedom being declared on Obama’s watch. Bonus points for the dorky Error 404: Freedom Not Found sign. Points subtracted for the ridiculous Kim Dotcom name. Still, it’s better than anything Paris Hilton has ever done.

Kim Dotcom – Mr President

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  1. 2012/08/29

    […] The ridiculously named Kim Dotcom is out on bail, after his illegal file sharing and storage site Mega Upload, came crashing down and led to his arrest. Dotcom (if I can call him that) has asked developers to contact his company for early access to the API for his latest application (via Digital Trends). The project is simply called “Mega” and no exact details are known, but features are likely to include one-click encryption and perhaps a legitimized version of the file sharing that was Mega Upload. Let’s just hope he keeps busy with that and doesn’t release any more songs. […]