Friday Afternoon Funnies – Diamond Dave Hosley

This is awesome on so many levels. Meet Diamond Dave Hosley. He’s from Connecticut (like Ken Kaniff). He’s now in California, playing you top 40 hits and any request on his keyboard at weddings and other events. There’s just something about Diamond Dave that makes you wish you were at a wedding he was playing at, but praying that it’s not your wedding.

Let’s examine his amazing promo video. He does all the “greats” – LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and Taio Cruz, to name a few. But he sings them in the vocal styles of the artists. And he wears an accessory to step into the role a little bit more. Diamond Dave has middle-aged Rebecca Black written all over him – he’s half brilliant, half terrible, but the video is 100% captivating. I can’t stop watching this. I don’t know what’s better – when he “raps” or when he tries his falsetto.

Also, just look how happy the “we weren’t paid to be here” crowd is. Check out the best video you’ll see all week, in our Seriously? It’s been a year and it still has this lame name Friday Afternoon Funnies, and then get him to play at all of your friends weddings – please!

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