Game of Thrones Theme Meowed by Cats is as Ridiculous as it Sounds

Everything HBO touches turns to gold. Take The Game of Thrones, the popular fantasy novels that 98% of us hadn’t heard of before HBO turned it into an award winning TV show. The show has brilliant acting, great sets, and even a great theme song, which was famously parodied by the Simpsons.

We now have another take on the theme song, and it’s done by a cat and some creative editing. The video is pretty outlandish, but also laughable when backing “vocals” are “sung” by other “cats” (which doesn’t need to be in quotation marks, actually). The cat’s name is Arya, which means (slight spoiler) it is bound to get lost in the backyard for many, many boring chapters. Check it out below and resist the urge to jump in front of a bus – there’s still 2 more books to be published!

(via Geekologie)

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