Morning Music Notes – Radio Killed the Video Star; YouTube Killed the Radio Star

SURPRISE – Noel Gallagher Makes Fun of Liam’s Olympic Closing Ceremony Gig

Rumour has it Noel Gallagher turned down the Olympic Closing Ceremony slot, rejecting a chance to sing Wonderwall. Somewhat surprisingly, Beady Eye decided to cover the Noel-penned Oasis song, causing confusion among kids about who this “Beady Eye” act is. Hint: a very average band. Anyway, not one to be outdone by brother Liam, Noel Gallagher took a little shot at his brother. Playing a charity gig at Camden Dingwalls, Noel was about to play Wonderwall and announced the song by dedicating the song to “Stratford’s finest Oasis tribute band”. Ouch! (via Gigwise) I have a feeling a few Stratford cover bands might be insulted, too.

How Do Americans Discover Music? Surprisingly, PeteHatesMusic! The Radio

Although blogs like PeteHatesMusic do their best to give you free beer great new music, and even though everyone watches YouTube to check out videos and related videos, the radio is still the place that most Americans discover new music (via Yahoo). This is surprising, as radio stations tend to play the same 8 songs over and over again, until you want to smash it with a baseball bat.

Neilsen’s Music 360 report notes that 48% of Americans discover new music through radio, with only 7% via YouTube. However, for teens, 64% of their music is discovered through YouTube. Do this survey again in 5 years and no one will know what the fuck a radio is. Sadly, 54% of the 3,000 people surveyed said that they would buy an album based on a friend’s recommendation, rather than a music chat room (whatever the fuck those are) or a music blog. I am your friend, right? RIGHT?!

Teens still listen to the radio, with 56% of them using the radio to listen to songs, versus 53% in iTunes. For me, it’s nearer 100% iTunes (or Google Music) and pretty much 0% on PeteHatesMusic the radio.

Jonny Greenwood Provides Tracklist for The Master Soundtrack

Radiohead guitarist/all-around genius, Jonny Greenwood, is no stranger to movie soundtracks. Jonny is about to release his fifth movie soundtrack, for the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, The Master, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The soundtrack will have 11 original compositions, and 6 of there are performed by ME! the London Contemporary Orchestra (via NME). The soundtrack out on September 11, and the movie itself is out on September 14. The trailer looks pretty good, and there’s not much better than a good score to a good movie (except free beer from mermaid princesses – that is definitely better).

Tracklist for the Master Soundtrack
‘Time Hole’
‘Back Beyond’
‘Get Thee Behind Me Satan’ (Ella Fitzgerald)
‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else but Me)’ (Madisen Beaty)
‘Atomic Healer’
‘Able-Bodied Seamen’
‘The Split Saber’
‘Baton Sparks’
‘No Other Love’ (Jo Stafford)
‘His Master’s Voice’
‘Application 45 Version 1’
‘Changing Partners’ (Helen Forrest)
‘Sweetness Of Freddie’

Klaxons are Giving Away FREE CANDY A Compilation Mixtape

Klaxons have disappeared for awhile, apart from the lucky devil who is engaged to Keira Knightley. They’ve released that they need to follow up their second album with a new one soon, and have pulled out of all summer festivals to focus on the new record. They have focused on their new record by um, putting out a compilation mixtape called The Interzone Mix (via NME).

The mixtape was put together by Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davis, and is based on music that is currently influencing the band. You can grab the mix over at Disinformation.

Two DJ Khaled / Kanye West Videos for the Price of One

Kanye West has dropped a couple of videos from his recent collaborations with DJ Khaled. The videos are bundled up into one six minute video. The first track is I Wish You Could (which used to be called Theraflu) and the second is Cold (which used to be called Way Too Cold). Make up your mind, guys! The videos were directed by Hype Williams, who apparently has a think for shaky camera shots (via Consequence of Sound).

After the genius of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the Watch the Throne album, I’m a little disappointed in both of these tracks. The beats aren’t top notch, and the lyrical wordplay and delivery aren’t what I’ve come to expect from Kanye. However, I Wish You Could features on the upcoming DJ Khaled album, Kiss the Ring, while Cold is a random, standalone single, whose destination is not yet known. Bonus (sort of): Kim Kardashian features around the 5 minute mark in a couple of distant shots. Come closer, my dear.

DJ Khaled – I Wish You Would / Cold ft. Kanye West & Rick Ross

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