Listen to 3 New Songs by Beck for Sound Shapes

Beck, you frustrating man. After rapping with Childish Gambino, and collaborating with Jack White, we were gearing up for a full-on Beck release. Instead, we got news of a sheet music album, and some songs on a video game soundtrack. Well, to be honest, I’ll take what I can get – I loves me some Beck.

Beck has recorded 3 songs for the Playstation 3 game, Sound Shapes. Beck provides some of the sound in Sound Shapes, with songs Cities, Spiral Staircase, and Touch the People. The last song is not meant for George Michael to take literally. Someone has ripped the songs from the game and put them on YouTube, as all good fans do.

Cities sounds pretty much exactly what a Beck soundtrack would sound like in my mind. A wide range of instruments, distorted vocal effects, and all the right blips and bloops to make it sound computery enough to play. Touch the People is also Beck-weird, with speech samples and a collage of noise, mixed with general weirdness of rhythms and beats. The third song is Spiral Staircase, which is the most proper song in structure. But it’s still way to one side of the mainstream, which is why we love Beck, right? Check out the 3 tracks below and brush up on your instrument playing in time for Beck’s new album.

Beck – Cities

Beck – Touch the People

Beck – Spiral Staircase

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