If You Want Animated Pics of Cats on More Websites, Meowbify is Your Dream Come True

It is said that the Internet was invented so that people worldwide can watch hilarious cat videos. Okay, that might have been Rich and I musing when we were drunk, but it’s not far off the truth, right? Okay, so it’s not even remotely close to the purpose of the Internet…but, we can agree that more websites need photos of cats. And not just photos of cats, but animated photos of cats. Thanks to Meowbify, you can change that problem with the click of a button (and some typing).

PeteHatesMusic on meowbify

HEY, that’s not Fixers!

All images on the website of your choosing will be replaced with animated cat GIFs (via Geekologie). Nothing like seeing cute, cuddly cats to soften the blow of serious news. “Atomic bomb eliminates half of the planet” – BUT there’s cats, and it’s not Canada, so it’s a beautiful day. Here’s how PeteHatesMusic looks all cat-ified.

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