Morning Music Notes – The Spice Olympics

Giving the Olympics What They Want, What They Really Really Want

Britain has produced arguably the greatest rock bands of all-time. Then why oh why are they getting the Spice Girls to reunite for the Closing Ceremonies? Oh yeah, ratings! The Spice Girls will reunite for the Summer Olympic Closing Ceremonies, playing 2 songs, and performing for the first time since 2008 (via Telegraph). I guess Posh Spice will be happy to be at the Olympics alongside her husband….oh right, he didn’t make the GB football team.

Also performing at the Closing Ceremonies will be Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye outfit, performing the classic Oasis song, Wonderwall (via Gigwise). The song is supposedly going to be a reworking of the song, so let’s hope it’s not a reworking in line with that average first Beady Eye album. Interestingly, Noel Gallagher was actually offered the Olympic spot ahead of Beady Eye, but he turned it down. Also performing at The Who (without dead drummer Keith Moon), Kaiser Chiefs, Take That, George Michael, and Emeli Sande.

I Hope You Kept Your Ticket – The Who to Allow Tickets from 1979 Cancelled Show For Current Tour

In 1979, The Who cancelled a concert in Providence, Rhode Island, breaking Peter Griffin’s heart. The mayor at the time canned the show, after a stampede in Cincinnati tragically killed 11 before the Who’s show. The band will now play Providence for the first time since that cancelled show, and if you still have your ticket from 1979, you can come to the show for free! Hopefully you didn’t hand back your ticket for a refund over 30 years ago (via Spinner). The offer was made on WPRO-AM radio, and told listeners to call if they had original tickets. No one did.

What’s Old is New Again – Old Albums Outselling New Ones

Albums more than 1.5 years old (“catalog” albums) have sold almost 3 million more albums than albums released in the past 6 months, according to new data from Nielsen Soundscan (via Gigwise). 76.6 catalog albums were sold in January through June this year, while 73.9 million albums were sold for new albums in this period. Reasons are likely because new music sucks Part of the reasoning is that older albums are often cheaper, as well as the deaths of past stars creating a spike in sales. Please file this under “interesting”.

Dr. Dre and Jay-Z Rap On The Same Track

I’m pretty sure this is a first: Dr. Dre and Jay-Z have teamed up on Rick Ross’ new track and rapped together for the first time. The track is called 3 Kings and (un)fortunately doesn’t feature George Clooney or Ice Cube from the movie of the same name. Instead, we get Dr. Dre slipping in sly plugs about his headphones and Jay-Z rapping about his daughter (PLEASE don’t do this on every new track, Jay). Rick Ross’ album, God Forgives, I Don’t, is out on July 31.

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