Stream! Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana (entire album)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse are back together, doing their take on classic folk songs with their album, Americana. If it seems like an odd direction to take, well, check out the videos for Oh Susannah, Jesus’ Chariot (She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain), and Clementine. If you like what you’ve seen and heard, listen to the entire album (via Rolling Stone).

There’s even a fourth video for God Save the Queen, which the original God Save the Queen, not the Sex Pistols version, which I guess isn’t considered an American classic. Fact: God Save the Queen was the de facto American National anthem until 1931, when the Star Spangled Banner was adopted. Check it out below the album stream. Check out how the Queen used to look when she was young, before you head down to the Thames to catch her on her Diamond Jubilee events this weekend.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – God Save the Queen

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