Make Your Ears Happy: Justice’s new album, Audio, Video, Disco – Now Streaming

In a month when there are a lot of good albums dropping, the fight for the attention of your ears is tough. Enter online media and streaming. If you KNOW the album is good before it comes out, you can download it early will be more likely to buy it (right?).

Following that train of thought, Justice (well, their marketing team) have put up their new (awesomely named) album – Audio, Video, Disco – up for streaming right now. This is the follow up to their smash hit, 2007’s Cross. Give the French electronica duo’s latest album a listen, and post your comments down below.

The tracklisting for ‘Audio, Video, Disco’:

‘Canon (Primo)’
‘New Lands’
‘Audio, Video, Disco’

NOTE: If you have errors with ‘Flash Player’ in the widget below, stream the album straight from the good folks at NME. Or update your Flash Player, but that would be too easy.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Some fantastic stuff here – better than Cross I think!

  2. rich says:

    First listen: I LIKE it.
    I definitely don’t like it as much as I liked Cross after the first listen (not even close!), but to be fair, this is quite different.

    Prediction: pop music will start to pound this ‘synths played through classic guitar amps’ sound Justice has found here.