Watch! Caveman – Thankful

Caveman must really like wrestling. They named their debut album CoCo Beware, presumably after the wrestler Koko B. Ware. Their video, Thankful, features wrestlers and wrestling and even tiny wrestling action figures. No appearances from Koko B Ware though, even though he is one of the few wrestlers to make it past the age of 50. I wonder if there are any sample squawks from Koko’s macaw on the album? I wonder if I can stop talking about Koko the wrestler and talk about Caveman, the band. The 5-piece New York band just released their album this past week, and if you like this song, you know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, dial 0 and ask for Caveman’s album – see where that gets you.

Caveman – Thankful

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  1. 2012/06/28

    […] to 80′s-wrestler-with-a-parrot Koko B. Ware when he showed you the video for the song Thankful. The band has now released a very creepy/weird new video for the track, Old Friend (via […]