Watch! Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim are due to release their 4th album this year at some point. They have called it Lightning and it features the first single, Let’s Go. Now, we get a listen of that tune as we watch a new ‘video’ for it (via

I think the band intended this to be more of a promo for the album, featuring the song, than as a real official video. Matt & Kim (like The Shins) look like they are running out of ideas/money. This clip appears to be one take, with just a basketball player doing some intense ball-handling for its duration. I assume that is Matt and Kim in the background. The ball dribbler did an awesome job to keep that up for the whole song though. What he was doing isn’t easy, I’m trying right now as I type this, just broke the printer especially if the vid is one take. Check it out:

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

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  1. 2012/07/19

    […] giving us an album called Lightning, out on October 2 (via Consequence of Sound). Check out their first single, Let’s Go, if you haven’t already. The album will have 10 tracks, and a tour will follow (that’s […]

  2. 2012/09/06

    […] we had Let’s Go, and now we have, er, Now. The duo of Matt and Kim have another new release from recent album, […]