Listen! Stars – The Theory of Relativity (plus new album announcement)

Stars are going all Winterfell/Game of Thrones on us with their new album name, The North. Or maybe I’m reading Game of Thrones, am mildly obsessed, and think everything relates to it. Fitting, the first song we get to hear is Cersei Lannister is a Whore The Theory of Relativity. Maybe that Einstein guy I’ve heard so much about will sue. Oh, he’s dead? Not so smart, is he?

The Theory is Relatively has a fuzzy intro, and features Torquil singing the verses, and Amy Millan filling in at other bits, as she does so well. The song is a slower number and features Torquil dropping the f-bomb, so cover your kids’ ears. The North will be out for your enjoyment on September 4.

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  1. 2012/07/18

    […] told you about Canadian band Stars‘ new album, The North, and let you listen to the track The Theory of Relativity. Now, another new Stars song has been released for us to check out (via […]