Morning Music Notes – stream Linkin Park’s new album

Linkin Park streams new album online. Respect.
Linkin Park just keeps on going. Every time they release an album, I want to hate it… I mean, they’re a 1996 rap-rock-metal fusion band – I should HATE this! But, every time they release an album, I always listen, and always end up saying – damn it! That sounds really cool…
Credit where it is due for a band that has done their own thing for 16 years, and keep on pushing the sonic sound of guitar music forward. Today, the band is streaming their new album on iTunes. Give it a listen. We definitely will.
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Spotify Launches Web Radio
If you dig Pandora, you’ll dig this. It’s a new free Spotify online radio service that industry-types are calling “trouble for Pandora”. Pretty funny how nobody is talking about its effect on terrestrial radio – but an interesting read on a new service from a major player.
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Cool Fleetwood Mac Tribute Coming
August 14 is the release date for a collection of Fleetwood Mac covers by the likes of MGMT, Best Coast, The Kills, Lee Ranaldo, J Mascis, The New Pornographers, Lykke Li, and a few others. Check out the complete list and the tracks they are covering after the jump.
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Microsoft tablet goes live, needs active-x controllers.
Ha! A geek joke at Microsoft’s expense! I’m sure we’re the only people doing that today. Check out a demo of the new Microsoft Surface tablet.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers – 18 new singles
The Chili Peppers will be releasing 18 new tracks (official release will be as 7″ singles) over the next 6 months. The tracks were all recorded during their ‘I’m With You’ sessions. Exciting news for Chili Peppers fans!
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The London 2012 Playlist
Do you love Sugababes? How about the musical Oliver? Then you’re going to LOVE the London 2012 Opening Ceremony playlist. We joke, but an officially sanctioned playlist with Roll Deep on it is pretty damn cool in my books… The Guardian is looking for your suggestions for a better 12 tracks compilation. The best one suggested on their comments page so far:

  1. Fergie – London Bridge
  2. Fergie – London Bridge
  3. Fergie – London Bridge
  4. Fergie – London Bridge
  5. Fergie – London Bridge
  6. Fergie – London Bridge
  7. Fergie – London Bridge
  8. Fergie – London Bridge
  9. Fergie – London Bridge
  10. Fergie – London Bridge
  11. Fergie – London Bridge
  12. Fergie – London Bridge

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