Watch! The Mars Volta – The Malkin Jewel

American rock band The Mars Volta released a new album this year called Noctourniquet. Earlier in 2012, PHM let you listen to the songs Noctourniquet, and Zed and Two Naughts as well as the tune The Malkin Jewel. Thanks to the folks at we can now take a look at the video for The Malkin Jewel. Pete has already exhausted all the Evgeni Malkin jokes (being in Canada you get fined if you don’t mention hockey once a day). I encourage you to take a trip through this 15 minute long epic clip as we drift between loud and quiet passages. As I watch this video, I realize I have to start listening to The Mars Volta more, these guys are really good.

The video is just a simple live performance filmed in black and white. The band seems really focused and into the song. If you have a quarter of an hour to spare, take a look:

The Mars Volta – The Malkin Jewel

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