Watch! The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

You’ve got to handle it to the Black Keys – they know how to make awesome videos. And nothing against their old videos, but their video awesomeness is coinciding with their mainstream success. El Camino’s Lonely Boy kicked off their first video from their recent album, with that “cool” dancing guy. Now, we get a video from directed by Harmony Korine, which is, um, weird. Not “you have a crush on your cousin” weird, but WEIRD. It features Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney in pajamas, with midget/baby copies of themselves, doing all sorts of things with one another, like cuddling, group hugs, staring at the camera for a longer than normal period of time, and so on. Much better than the original video for this song. Yes or no – the Black Keys lost a bet and this was the result? The last 20 seconds – WTF.

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

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