Watch! The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

The Black Keys have skyrocketed from playing clubs in North America to topping the Billboard charts and selling out arenas. This makes me feel even better when I get to see them play a smallish venue in London this weekend (yes, I’m rubbing it in). The boys from Akron, Ohio have a new video from their latest album, El Camino. The video isn’t likely to go viral, like that awesome dancing video for Lonely Boy, but it shows the rigors of touring and the efforts the lads took to get to where they are.

The video is being a bit annoying in terms of copyrights, and where and where not this video can be shown. Below is the American (and hopefully Canadian) version, so those of you in the UK shouldn’t be able to watch it. Once the Black Keys put it up on YouTube, I’ll update the video for all the readers worldwide to see.

UPDATE: The video is now up on YouTube, after MTV had their one-day exclusive. I personally think it was a waste of time, but whatever. Without further adieu, make your ears happy and listen to the latest single, Gold on the Ceiling.

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

[youtube 6yCIDkFI7ew]

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3 Responses

  1. krou says:

    BOOO- Not available for Canadians:(

  2. pete says:

    The YouTube video is now updated on the post, so Canadians (and EVERY nation) can now see it.

  1. 2012/06/01

    […] staring at the camera for a longer than normal period of time, and so on. Much better than the original video for this song. Yes or no – the Black Keys lost a bet and this was the result? The last 20 seconds – […]