Time to Ruin Your Ears: New Paris Hilton Demo Emerges Online

Paris Hilton has seemingly disappeared from the gossip rags and headlines, being replaced by Kim Kardashian. She has disappeared because she is working on her second music album. You might have heard the terrible Drunk Text, which got taken down faster than her panties back in her partying hey day. Another track has made it online, and since it’s not official, I can’t see it lasting long (like her music career – zing!).

The track is called Louder, is covered with DREADFUL auto-tune, features a verse from rapper Flo Rida, and produced by David Guetta (via NME). Oh, and it samples Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster, it is. Now, it’s REAL easy to say “this song is terrible, I’m such a snarky and original blogger!” but there are NO redeeming qualities in the song. The autotune is over the top, the beat is uninspiring, the sample of Journey is not well done, there is nothing catchy about the song, and did I mention the autotune makes me want to jump out the window? Okay, a short uplifting outro at the 3:20 mark I could see people drunkenly dancing to on the dance floor – if this song ever makes it to any clubs.

It is labelled as a demo, and you will be happy to know that you can make a song better than this, but go ahead and make or ruin your day by listening to Louder by Paris Hilton below.

Paris Hilton – Louder (Demo)
Paris Hilton – Louder (Feat. Flo Rida) (Prod. by David Guetta) *DEMO

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