Morning Music Notes – Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be

Last summer, we gave you the slick beats and production work from UK producer Forest Swords. There is now a video full of wonderful landscapes for the same track, The Weight of Gold.

Forest Swords - The Weight of Gold via Nowness
The Weight of Gold is off of last year’s Engravings, which you should probably check out. The video director stole the love of my life Benjamin Millepied is married to Natalie Portman, and filmed the video by the Dead Sea. Need I say more?

Forest Swords – The Weight of Gold

Morning Music Notes

As the Black Keys hit the mainstream and, as all indie bands do with popularity, slowly alienate their fans, I wonder if this will be the tipping point for some point. Based on this tweet from Lana Del Rey, the Black Keys’ singer Dan Auerbach is producing the new album from Lana Del Rey. We all know what happened when Chad Kroeger produced Avril Lavigne’s record – just sayin’.

If you’re unaware that awards shows help bands move albums, here is further proof: Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, and Disclosure’s album sales doubled from the week prior to the Brit Awards compared to post-Brit Awards. When I played open mic night, my sales went from 0 to…0. So sad. (via The Guardian)

The first annual Kurt Cobain day took place yesterday – his birthday – in Aberdeen, Washington. A Nirvana exhibition was launched at the Aberdeen Museum of History, and I’m sure Courtney Love was drunk and rambling somewhere nearby. (via Gigwise)

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