Mind Blowing: A Kickstarter Fundraiser to BUY Kickstarter

Regular readers of PHM will know that I love fluffy cats we like to show off cool Kickstarter items that require funds to get made. The latest innovative idea? A Kickstarter to BUY Kickstarter. As Keanu Reeves once put it in the Matrix – “woah!”

The man, Eric Moneypenny, has a simple pitch on Kickstarter. “I would like to raise money to buy Kickstarter. WorthOfWeb.com estimates Kickstarter’s worth at 18.6 million dollars. Therefore, I estimate that I will need at least 19,000,000 to make this happen.”

The pledge levels also have interesting bonuses. If you pledge $100 or more, Eric will autograph your Kickstarter. If you donate more than $5000, “I will help make your indie movie. You deserve to be a star, and will probably go to a ton of festivals, where you will win many awards.” And the ultimate – a $10,000 or more pledge – gets you a pizza party with Eric, the new owner and CEO of Kickstarter. Sadly, the man has 0 pledges.

(via Buzzfeed)

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