Morning Music Notes – Let’s Cram Every Business into Facebook and Only Have 1 Website on the Internet

Spotify, Napster, and Other Streaming Services Get Their Own Chart – Suck On That, Billboard

After years of being subjected to the Billboard 200, the old fashioned folks finally gave us a digital download chart in recent years. But with the industry constantly changing with the Internet, the most popular songs and albums still aren’t being captured properly. An attempt to fix this: Starting next Monday in the UK, there will be an Official Streaming Chart (via Guardian). The chart is apparently the first such chart in the UK, although I’ve had my own chart on the fridge since 2006. The charts will rank audio streams from ad-funded and subscription services in the UK, so services like Spotify, Napster, We7, Deezer, Zune and ChartsNow will be counted. The charts will be published every week in Music Week, and for those who don’t like physical media, they will also be online at

And who is the most streamed artist in the UK you ask? Why it’s Ron Weasley Ed Sheeran, which has North American audiences baffled. Look him up (not because he’s good, but because you’re curious). Second place is Lana Del Rey, David Guetta third, Rihanna fourth, and Coldplay fifth. Adele is not in the top 10, because everyone is still going to the store and buying her album for some insane reason. The most streamed track of the year is Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye.

The Ultimate in Laziness: Order Domino’s Pizza Through Facebook

I walked past a sign outside Pizza Hut and saw that they now have hotdog stuffed pizza crusts?! What the fuck is the world coming to? Along that line of thought, Domino’s thinks that its customer base is so intertwined with Facebook that they don’t want to leave the site, even to open a new Internet tab to order a pizza. Or, you know, use their phone while chatting on Facebook – it’s call multi-tasking, kids. To rectify this problem, Domino’s have developed an application through Facebook for their Australian and New Zealand customers so that they can stay on Facebook and still get a tasty pizza (via Digital Trends).

The app looks like the normal Domino’s page, and it gives you the option whether or not to pick it up or have it delivered. I’m not in the industry but I’m pretty sure if you can’t leave Facebook to order a pizza, you sure as hell ain’t leaving the house to get the pizza. And like everything connected to social media, you can share your pizza order with your friends on Facebook. Virtually, of course, until I complete that transporter I’ve been working away at.

Foo Fighters Fans Pay Attention: Listen to a Couple of Unreleased Demos from One by One

One by One is the album where the Foo Fighters nearly broke up. Dave Grohl helped Josh Homme out by drumming on the Songs for the Deaf album, leaving the state of Foo in flux. The band scraped their sessions, apparently dubbed The Million Dollar Demos, and recorded the songs again. A few of the songs have popped up online – not sure how the fuck that happened, but hats off to the uploader, foofightershd – and you can listen to them below. There are some noticeable differences, but hardcore Foo Fighters fans will appreciate the more subtle changes. Check out the demos for Have It All and Come Back.

Foo Fighters – Have It All (demo)

Foo Fighters – Come Back (demo)

Listen! jj – Burn

A few weeks ago, you got to hear the excellent song Beautiful by jj. The Swedish act have another hauntingly beautiful and slow track, called Burn, which is the other track from the single, jj n° 4, which was out on May 8. End these music notes off on the right, er, note and make your ears happy.

Listen! jj – Burn
jj – Burn

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2 Responses

  1. The insane reason for Adele’s absence from the Streaming chart is that you can’t get her album on Spotify – a deliberate strategy it would appear…
    Thanks for the Foos tracks – very cool

  2. pete says:

    Going point, although that has changed – you can get her album on Spotify – but you couldn’t at first, because Spotify rejected her (believe it or not). Business decision. But she’s up and running now as far as my Spotify tells me.