Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Niki & the Dove (2012 Camden Crawl Review)

Day 2 of the 2012 Camden Crawl is drawing to a close. PeteHatesMusic is at the Camden Crawl, and giving a gig by gig review as they happen. Below is our Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Niki & the Dove. Cheers to Jack Goldstein from Fixers for the recommendation!

Venue: KOKO

First Impressions: I didn’t like the vocal solo intro – way was too loud and distorted. However, the rest of the song was party central, with the synth and beat winning over me and the crowd. The pink unicorn shirt helped, too.

Stage Presence: 9/10 – has a bit of a Karen O thing going for her, with her movements and ability to draw in the crowd, to make them think she is the only one in the room. She was the only person in the room, right? And both Gareth Bale and Nicolas Anelka will be sad to know that Niki has stolen their goal celebration.

Crowd Reaction: 9.5/10 – Dance party from the first note. Disappointed when they said it was the last song.

Banter: 8/10 – Lots of shout outs to Camden. She also noted that they needed to slow it down, and would we like to dance with her. In a word: Hell yes. Whatever, 2 words.

Number of times they said their band name: Once at the very end.

Water/alcohol/neither: I saw nothing.

Inflatable bananas in the crowd: One. Why?!

The Last Word: 9/10 – Yesterday’s Swedish electropop was in the form of Icona Pop, and today we had Niki & The Dove. Also, I might have a new pop music crush. Fantastic synth pop, with Niki’s vocals and the band’s booming percussion producing a winner. The fast songs definitely are better than the slower songs though.

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  1. 2012/05/08

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