Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Fixers (2012 Camden Crawl Review)

PeteHatesMusic is at the 2012 Camden Crawl, and giving a gig by gig review as they happen. Below is our Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Fixers. Check out the PeteHatesMusic interview with Fixers while you’re here, as it won’t cost you anything more (just 5 minutes of your life that you’ll never, ever, ever get back – unless I complete my time machine).

Venue: KOKO

First Impressions: Loud, spacey, dancy, with vocals slightly buried in mix. Jack needs a belt for his trousers, too.

Stage Presence: 8/10 – Clearly having a good time and would dance more if they weren’t playing the songs

Crowd Reaction: 8/10 – Cheered and danced, but criminally small in size, which is a damn shame.

Banter: 6/10 – Didn’t say much except for the song names.

Number of times they said their band name: Four, the most so far today. This isn’t a negative – people need to know who you are!

Water/alcohol/neither: Water, water everywhere

Approximate length of time, in minutes, the couple next to me kissed each other: 2.5

The Last Word: 8.5/10 – The songs off the upcoming album sound good – in fact, some are stronger than past singles. The singles came off great live, and we have a dance-rock band to be reckoned with.

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  1. 2012/05/25

    […] – good thing I don’t have an outlet to the world, on some blog or something. After tearing up the Camden Crawl, the band are about to release We’ll Be the Moon on June 4 (delayed from May 21 – which […]