Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Admiral Fallow (2012 Camden Crawl Review)

PeteHatesMusic is at the 2012 Camden Crawl, and giving a gig by gig review as they happen. Below is our Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Admiral Fallow.

First Impressions: The music they played BEFORE the band definitely didn’t prepare the crowd for the band – old school hip hop. The band was a mellow, guitar/flute/clarinet/piano band from Glasgow.

Stage Presence: 8/10 – lots of moving parts to watch

Crowd Reaction: 8/10 – Good applause after songs, with people hollering phrases at the singer

Banter: 9/10 – Made jokes about the delays to the start of their set. Also engaged in some crowd banter, and mentioned they traveled from the Shetland Islands today, which is reasonably far away!

Number of times they said their band name: Once at the beginning, I had to leave before the end.

Water/alcohol/neither: Some water, some cans of Carling.

The Last Word: 7/10 – I left before the end to catch Icona Pop. The band have individual talent – singing, rhythm, flute and clarinet. However the songs don’t maximize their strengths – the songs weren’t memorable or catchy for me. It didn’t helped they were plagued by sound problems which the singer handled like a pro, and didn’t get mad.

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