An iPhone Case That Looks Like A Smiley Face, Yet Holds Cards and Money

Introducing the Feed Me iPhone case, which is great for those who like minimalist cases, or those who like inanimate objects to look more lifelike. It’s a simple case, with a smiley face shaped slot in the back of the case, which acts as a pocket for things like drugs credit and debit cards, business cards, cash – pretty much anything that you can “feed” in the case’s “mouth”.

Feed Me iPhone Case (Photo via Connect Design)

It even comes with stickers, so that you can give the case another “eye” to match the other eye (which is the camera for those not grasping the simple concept). As a dude, I cannot see myself adding this to the Christmas list. My alter ego (“Destiny”) sees it as a cute accessory, especially since it comes in pink, too. The Feed Me case also comes in grey, white, green, blue, orange, and black, and will set you back $20 USD (via Technabob).

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