Google Project Glass Spoofs Have Already Begun

Google is about to go futuristic with its Project Glass eyewear concept, which you might have seen this morning. The basic concept is that you wear a pair of really cool looking glasses, that act as a virtual computer screen right in front of your eyes, giving you maps, messages, and other info. I noted how it would seem more dangerous than walking and texting, with pop ups right in front of you, and that’s what this video spoofs. Check out the original video in this morning’s Morning Music Notes, and the spoof below, which was on Reddit and made by Tom Scott (as the video so aptly displays).

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  1. 2012/04/11

    […] everything Apple to be honest, and now with Google’s Project Glass. You might have seen a Project Glass spoof or two on PHM. Now late night comedian, Jon Stewart, has joined the ranks and done his own spoof. […]