Morning Music Notes – Some Things You Just Shouldn’t Joke About, Batman

Guns N Roses to Be Inducted Into the Rock Hall of Fame By Green Day

Green Day, who are currently recording a new album (please don’t be another rock opera), have the um, honour of inducting Guns N Roses (who are currently spending the next 15 years following up Chinese Democracy) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (via Billboard). The trio of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool will deliver a speech about Guns N Roses at the April 14 event. Also being inducted: Red Hot Chili Peppers (by Chris Rock, who was in their Hump de Bump video), the Beastie Boys (by Chuck D), Donovan (by John Mellencamp), and Freddie King (by ZZ Top).

When asked what he was going to say about Guns N Roses, Billie Joe said “Nothing, I’m just going to promote our new album, which is better than ANYTHING G’n’R have EVER done.” This last sentence might not have happened, but that’s what I would do. Guns N Roses aren’t exciting on speaking terms, so who knows what awesomeness could go down. Maybe something like the Larry Holmes / Trevor Berbick parking lot brawl (bonus awesomeness points for jumping off a car with police in the area).

Batman April Fools’ Day Prank Backfires

We posted some pretty good tech April Fools’ gags that made the rounds on Sunday. In addition to Maryland having an adult man dress up as Batman, Maine also has one – but this guy doesn’t know how to joke on April 1 properly. The man, known as the Bay Harbor Batman was arrested when he posted on his Facebook page, “I demand payment of 1 million Dollars or I will Blow up the Hospital. Once the funds are secured, Private Message me for Further Instruction” (via Digital Trends). Um, April Fools?!

This was written on the Bay Harbor butcher Batman’s Facebook page, and fans of the page called police. Normally, the Batman figure, Chris Schwartz, dresses up as Batman and dances to his boombox, or walks in local parades. This time, he was walked to jail (picture that said in a deep, TV voice, so it doesn’t read so corny). Police arrived at Schwartz’s home, and he said it was a joke. However, in a case of “You should’ve kept your damn mouth shut”, he asked the police officers if they were there to give him 1 million dollars. He was charged with “terrorizing” which sounds like its the wrong word or tense – you don’t get charged with “murdering”.

Check out 2 new videos. Up first: White Rabbits – Temporary

White Rabbits have just released Milk Famous, and have already given us a taste of it, with Heavy Metal. Now you can check out their second video, which might not work due to the silly NBC video player and you not living where they want you to live.

Watch! Garbage – Blood for Poppies

Garbage are about to release their comeback album, Not Your Kind of People, which makes me think they are not my kind of people. The new video for Blood for Poppies is now out, and you can watch it below. According to NME, singer Shirley Manson has said the new album is “inspired by David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux and Cocteau Twins.” Interesting mix indeed.

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