Morning Music Notes – The Most Ridiculous Way to Get Busted for Partying

New MGMT Album Due in September

Good news for lovers of psychedelic rock, specifically MGMT – they will be releasing their third album this September (via Gigwise). The album is a follow up to the somewhat critically-panned but still excellent 2010 album, Congratulations. Columbia Records Chairman and CEO, Rob Stringer, is apparently commenting on things that ain’t his business (well, technically they are) and said that MGMT are in good spirits and said to ‘feel very good’ about the new album. That’s all we got – sorry, folks!

Jet Crash Lands

I’m sure there have been tons of puns (rhymes!) written about the band Jet, who have decided to call it a career, and 10 years together (really?!) and one huge hit (via Hollywood Reporter). The 2003 hit, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, propelled the band to (temporary) stardom, receiving mega radio play and television commercial royalties, despite being a generic, run of the mill rock song. Besides the 2003 album, Get Born, the Australian band followed that up with 2006’s Shine On and 2009’s Shaka Rock.

The band issued a statement akin to their music – predictable: “After many successful years of writing, recording and touring we wish to announce our discontinuation as a group. From the many pubs, theatres, stadiums and festivals all across the world it was the fans that made our amazing story possible and we wish to thank them all. Thank you, and goodnight.”

Nerdy Super Dad Busts Daughter’s House Party Using Energy Monitors?!

When cops want to bust marijuana grow-ops, they often check out hydro bills, and if someone’s usage is 5 or 10 times higher than the rest of the people in the neighbourhood, chances are something fishy is going on. Perhaps using that as inspiration, a Dad got an energy-monitoring app for his Android smartphone while away on vacation. His teenage daughter, Amy Rowe, said she’d stay at a friend’s while he was away. The electrical engineer father, David, was perhaps skeptical, hence the energy-monitoring app – sounds like a ‘normal’ way to check up on your teenage daughter (via Digital Trends).

When checking the Fluksometer app, David noticed that a whack of energy was being used for the air conditioners and lights, when the house was supposedly empty. David called his daughter Amy, who said she’d check on the house, where she was in facting currently partying (and likely heavily intoxicated) and she kept the lie going. The energy levels dropped but the party continued – candles and beer don’t use energy! However, David must be some kind of super sleuth, as Amy got busted when he found party cups in the garbage can outside. So the skeptic in me must ask: true story, or awesome free advertising for Fluksometer?

Listen! Regina Spektor – Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

You can listen to another new song from Regina Spektor’s new album, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. The album will be out on May 12. The song has actually been released previously for her 2002 album, and has been re-recorded for this new album. Inspiration lacking these days, Regina? Check out the new song below.

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