Morning Music Notes – Happy “Extra Day That Shouldn’t Belong” Day!

The Grammys Were More Watched Than The Oscars

The music awards show, the Grammys, were watched by more people this year than this past Sunday’s movie awards show, the Oscars (via Digital Music News). This is a line you can use in your thesis about why music is more popular than movies (or why Grammys host LL Cool J is more popular than Billy Crystal). This was the first time the Grammys have drawn more viewers than the Oscars since 1984, when Return of the Jedi failed to get Ewoks nominated for Best Actor, leading to a mass boycott of the show (possibly a made up fact).

The victory was a small one – the Grammys had 39.9 million viewers in Nielsen’s ratings, while the Oscars had 39.3 million. Now if a drug addicted former movie star (I’m looking at you, Gary Busey) dies the night before the Oscars next year, like Whitney Houston did for the Grammys this year, maybe the Oscars will reclaim its throne.

People Aren’t On Google+ Very Often (NOT A Breaking News Story)

I haven’t seen you on Google+ lately. Maybe because I’m barely on it and you aren’t on it. Google’s social network, Google+, despite its best efforts and mass integration across all Google platforms, can’t seem to get and retain users. Between September 2011 and January 2012, users of Google+ spent only an average of three minutes per month on the social network (via Digital Trends). Heck, I spend more time on Facebook each day saving pictures of pretty girls who don’t have private profiles. The Facebook stats show that the average person spends a massive 7 hours on Facebook each month.

Of course, Google says that their “internal data” has much higher stats. According to them, it’s the most popular website in the world (okay, they didn’t say this last part). Can Google+ attract people once the much hated Facebook Timeline becomes mandatory?

Listen! Norah Jones – Happy Pills

Norah Jones is releasing her newest album on May 1. The album is produced by the man with the magic touch, Danger Mouse, and the album is called Little Broken Hearts. The title brings tears to my eyes. So, is the album a depressing breakup album, or a loud, vocal breakup album, ala Adele? Decide for yourself, as you can listen to a track from the new album. The song is called Happy Pills, which again sounds depressing, given the album title.

The album will have 12 songs, and the song titles (not ALL depressing) can be found below.

Tracklisting for Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts
1. Good Morning
2. Say Goodbye
3. Little Broken Hearts
4. She’s 22
5. Take It Back
6. After The Fall
7. 4 Broken Hearts
8. Travelin’ On
9. Out On The Road
10. Happy Pills
11. Miriam
12. All A Dream

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