Morning Music Notes – Nomophobics Are Everywhere

Mumford & Sons Almost Done Second Album

Everyone’s favourite folk rockers, Mumford & Sons, are just about to wrap up recording their second album (via Gigwise). I think they’re just trying to figure out creative ways to spend the last of their studio money advance, which might explain the circus animals being delivered to the studio. Their first album, Sigh No More, came out in 2009, and fans are eagerly awaiting album number 2.

Mumford & Sons member Ben Lovett said, in an interview with MTV, “We are in the final stages, we’re not finished, we don’t quite know the exact tracklisting. We have kind of road-tested some songs, and we have picked up some new songs and dropped some ones that people might have thought we were going to be putting on the record. We just want to make a record that’s cohesive and one that we feel represents us best right now. There just isn’t [a release date yet]. We can’t even say that any particular song is definitely on the record, because we just don’t know. But we’re being urgent with it, we’re trying very hard.”

Can you try any harder to NOT give a straight answer with factual information, Ben? Go play with those circus animals and finish the damn album already!

Do You Have Nomophobia? Pretty Sure I Do!

I must say, I triple checked to make sure I spelled Nomophobia with an “N” and not an “H”; especially after admitting that I do have Nomophobia. So what the heck is Nomophobia? Nomophobia is the fear of being separated from your phone. A survey done by OnePoll asked 1000 Brits this question, and it turns out that 66% of them feared being without their cell (or “mobile” as they call it) phone (via Digital Trends). This is a 13% increase from a similar study four years ago. The number increases to 77% when you ask people aged 18-24. People over 65 didn’t know what a cell phone was.

In an amazing stat, 41% of people in the survey said that they carried a second mobile phone with them, just in case they lost their primary phone – madness. I like having my phone at all times, but not to the point where I’d carry a second – they are bulky enough! I’m worried about losing my house keys more than my phone, and I don’t carry three sets of keys around with me – although I think I know what I’m doing this afternoon.

Say It Ain’t So – Rihanna Working with Chris Brown, The Man Who Beat Her Up

Convicted woman-beater Chris Brown is helping out an ex-girlfriend on one of her remixes. Unfortunately for fans of logic and sanity, the ex-girlfriend is one Rihanna, the woman who was punched and hit several times by Chris Brown. Now, I don’t really care for the music, but I thought I’d let you know that woman-beater Chris Brown will be providing some vocals for the Rihanna Birthday Cake (Remix) (via Vibe). Happy birthday – I hope you like domestic violence!

Watch! The Shins’ James Mercer – September

PeteHatesMusic ran (oh, we ran) with the video for The Shins’ new song, September. Well, the Shins front man, James Mercer, stopped by Kink 101.9 FM to do an acoustic rendition of the track by himself. It’s a nice, mellow take on the song, and you can watch it below. The new album, Port of Morrow, will be out on March 20.

James Mercer – September

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