New iPhone Accessories Store Money, Condoms

For those guys that don’t like storing their condoms in their pockets or in their wallets (or you know, at home), if you’ve got your iPhone with you, now you can have your condoms with you. The perhaps appropriately named Playa Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S will provide a sliding compartment for you to store your rubbers (via Crave). If you thought storing them in your wallet would make your condoms warm, I can’t see how placing it against an iPhone all day and night (or sadly in my case, for years on end) would not heat it up to the point of it being useless. And are nerds ever in the situation where they need both their iPhone AND condoms?

Made by Annex Products, the makers of the PHM favourite Opena Beer Bottle opener iPhone case, the Playa Case retails for $29.95 USD, and comes in black, white, or pink (for the secure man). The case will hold 2 condoms, or other things like money, notes to yourself (note to self: get ass wart cream for that giant wart on my ass), or other small items. Watch a video of how “Chris the Australian” uses his Playa Case. Why does he have it when he’s walking alone with his dog? I guess they do things differently down under.

A perhaps more useful iPhone accessory is the Poddities clip, which is a simple money clip for your iPhone (via Gizmodo). For $33 USD, you can screw on a little clip which can hold money, cards, and presumably condoms, too. Now if you lose your iPhone, you’re doubly fucked!

Poddities iPhone clip (via

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