Ridiculous Video – Father Shoots His Daughter’s Laptop After She Posts About Parents on Facebook

A recent study revealed that online arguments and posts on Facebook have led to a small percentage of users actually terminating real life friendships. Sometimes people post things meant for a certain group of friends, and it somehow finds itself outside of the intended eyes. This is the case of Tommy Jordan from North Carolina, and his 15-year old daughter, Hannah. Tommy works in IT. He wears a cowboy hat. He has a gun. He was fixing his daughter’s computer when he stumbled upon a lengthy rant that Hannah posted about her parents (via Digital Trends).

Apparently this isn’t the first time Hannah has done this. This time, Hannah bitches about typical 15-year old girl things when it comes to parents, complaining about chores, rules, the usual. Tommy has had enough, and decides to do the rational thing a Dad should do and shoots his daughter’s laptop with his gun. Thankfully, the headline didn’t say “shoots his daughter with his gun”.

The shooting starts just after the 7 minute mark, after Tommy reads the letter and talks about how tough things were in “his day”. Hannah – be careful who you date!

[youtube kl1ujzRidmU]

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