Check out Two New Apple iPhone Commercials, Starring Siri Of Course

Siri this, Siri that, Siri is the greatest, yada yada yada. If you’re confused, then maybe you don’t know about the much hyped Siri, the iPhone 4S virtual assistance, who tells me at what temperature to cook my gummi bears for dessert, or when it’s time for me to give bread and water to my prisoners. If you don’t know about Siri, or are skeptical, then these two new commercials are for you. The first ad is aimed at the musician in you, while the second is for those on road trips. Either way, Siri can do everything for you. So what are you waiting for – go buy an iPhone! And since Siri can call you nicknames, get it to call you some dirty – just because.

Apple iPhone 4S commercial – Rock God
[youtube -G8fG1bKgQo]

Apple iPhone 4S commercial – Road Trip
[youtube -UpmQN55q2g]

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