Morning Music Notes – Happy New Year! Er, 2 Minutes Ago

Arctic Monkeys’ Favourite Worst Nightmare Comes True

The Arctic Monkeys had the honour of playing the Falls Festival in Lorne, Victoria in Australia on New Years Eve. They were the band to ring in the New Year for the big crowd. The problem is – no one told them (via Spinner). The band left the stage at 11:58pm, possibly relieved that they finished just in time for someone else to lead the crowd through the 10 second countdown. No one did. New Years Eve ruined for thousands! Lead singer Alex Turner returned to the stage at 12:01 AM, after having what he claimed “was the best 10 second countdown of his life” (note: he did not actually say this). He did apologize to the crowd, noting that he thought the countdown was organized by someone else. He offered to do one of their own, minutes after the real event. This is the equivalent of blowing out someone’s birthday candles, and then offering to relight them AFTER you’ve stolen their wish (for free candy!).

Alex Turner and Miles Kane to Record Second Last Shadow Puppets Album

More Alex Turner news, which is usually a good thing if it’s music-related. The Arctic Monkeys man is re-teaming to Miles Kane to record a second Last Shadow Puppets allbum (via NME). However, no concrete plans are made, and they hope to get into the studio by the end of 2012. Their first album, The Age of the Understatement, was a lighter affair, with strings produced by Owen Pallett. Speaking about the first record, Miles said:

“We didn’t even expect to make a record. We were just these two young guys who had written these songs and went to France for two weeks to record and see what would happen. In two weeks we recorded 11 songs. We have a great connection, me and Alex. It is a great partnership”.

Just like Sid and Nancy, right?

Jack White to Be on Reality Antique Show, American Pickers

During this recent holiday break, the downtime on PeteHatesMusic was filled by watching a show that I had never heard of, called American Pickers. Co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz drive around looking for and bargaining for antiques. One of the next places they will head to will be Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville (via The Hollywood Reporter). Will Jack White have anything valuable? Given his knack for turning everything he touches to gold, I’m guessing he has a whole studio full of gold! Tune in on Monday, January 9 at 9pm ET on History to find out (although check your local listings to confirm this).

PeteHatesMusic Called Out this Gossip: Pink Floyd Will NOT Be Playing the 2012 Olympics

Despite rumours, I was hesitate to post this in yesterday’s Morning Music Notes, as my spidey senses were tingling. I did so with a warning, which turned out to be true not more than 24 hours later. A representative for Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd has said “David Gilmour can confirm that there is no truth in recent media speculation about Pink Floyd re-uniting to perform for the 2012 London Olympics.” (via NME)

End of story (right?).

The Decemberists and Arcade Fire to Provide Songs for The Hunger Games Movie Soundtrack

The hit teen book The Hunger Games has a film coming out on March 23. Contributing to the soundtrack will be 2 bands who – lame segue alert! – won’t go hungry – Arcade Fire and The Decemberists (via Pitchfork).

The Decemberists have recorded a song called One Engine, while Win Butler and Régine Chassagne have recorded an orchestral piece. No word on other bands contributing, or if the bands will be forced to fight for food like in the movie. Watch the official trailer below.

The Hunger Games Movie Trailer
[youtube OgssLmsOa2s]

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