Morning Music Notes – End of Year Edition

This will be the final Morning Music Notes of 2011 (please contain your excitement or tears – I don’t like emotions). Later today, you can check out the PeteHatesMusic top songs of 2011. Tomorrow will be the best albums of 2011. Saturday will be the gummi bear eating contest – boy, those gummi bears sure can eat a lot! As Year 1 of this website draws to a close, I think I speak for everyone when I say – I hope Year 2 doesn’t suck as much as Year 1 did.

The Most YouTube’d Video of 2011 Is….

….Rebecca Black. We all hated it (didn’t we?), yet the terribleness of it garnered her 180 MILLION views, and made her some nice pocket change along the way. The video, which was paid for by her parents and NOT her weekly allowance, was made by a production company, and it had lame written all over it. Amazingly, the third most viewed video was the Michael Bolton cameo on the Lonely Island song Jack Sparrow. Since the song was initially so awesome when it first came out, I will run it again below for those that missed it.

Lonely Island – Jack Sparrow
[youtube GI6CfKcMhjY]

Rebecca Black Also Popular in Google Searches

Google released their Zeitgeist 2011 list, which is a fancy way of saying what the top 10 searches of 2011 were. #1 was Rebecca Black, #2 was Google+ (ya right, Google!), #6 was iPhone 5 (which was not released nor announced), #7 was Adele, #9 was Steve Jobs, and #10 was iPad 2. If you like fancy graphs and stats, then you are a nerd! pop on over to the Zeitgeist 2011 to see some pretty pictures and all that.

Just in time for Christmas (and free!) – NEW REBECCA BLACK SONG Lykke Li’s The Lost Sessions Vol. 1

Swedish singer, Lykke Li, released her second album this year to critical acclaim. She pulled out 3 alternative versions of her songs from the vault, where all good singers keep their extra songs, and has made them available on her website. If you’re against downloading, even though it is legit (trust me….), you can stream the songs below.

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