Your New Favourite Tumblr: Kim Jong-Il – Dropping The Bass

The recent (comedian punching bag) dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il, died this past weekend. The media was a little slow getting the news, since North Korea pretty much controls and contains everything that happens within its borders. But did you know that Kim Jong-Il is an amazing DJ? Thanks to the Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass tumblr, you now do. Check out Kim spinning records with Justice, Skrillex, and Daft Punk. Pop on over to the tumblr to see more pics – some of my favourites are below (all courtesy of the Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass tumblr).

Kim rocks it, while David Guetta soaks in the crowd
Kim Jong-Il with David Guetta

“Now listen here, Skrillex – I can help you with the beats AND the ladies”
Kim with Skrillex

“Will you get a load of this guy? Hell, I could be in Justice!”
kim with justice

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  1. 2012/01/23

    […] pretty awesome Tumblr from last year was Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass, featuring the recently deceased North Korean supreme leader and ruler of the universe, Kim […]