Make Your Ears Happy: 2 New Radiohead songs

Radiohead released the 8-song album, The King of Limbs, this past Februrary. Since then, they released a 2-song single, comprised of Supercollider, and The Butcher. Now, they have released another 2-song single. This single contains non-album tracks The Daily Mail and Staircase. Both of these songs appears on the live recording of From the Basement. I’ve said it before, but as much as I loved The King of Limbs, the strength of the album would’ve been greatly heightened by the 4 excellent songs they released as singles. But hey, Radiohead don’t want your vote for album of the year – they want to PARTY! release music in a format and manner they see fit. Heck, some of the Beatles best songs were non-album songs (Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane were originally on a single before re-appearing on the Magical Mystery Tour album).

Ranting aside, make your ears happy and listen to the studio versions of both new Radiohead songs – The Daily Mail and Staircase. You can order the songs here (you’re welcome, Radiohead!).

Radiohead – The Daily Mail
[youtube McuHVXgR8dA]

Radiohead – Staircase
[youtube XuDcsKDGGHM]

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