Just What Budapest Needs – A Steve Jobs Statue

Many say that Steve Jobs is immortalized in every iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac Book. The thought of this creeps me out and makes me unable to sleep at night. The night I like much more is to erect (tee hee) a statue of Steve Jobs. And what more logical place to have the statue than Budapest, Hungary (via Slash Gear).

“In Hungary a software firm called Graphisoft has announced that it will be erecting a large bronze statue of Jobs in Graphisoft Park.” Graphisoft Park is one terrible name.

“The statue will be erected on December 21 and is intended to celebrate the vision and leadership of Jobs. Jobs and Graphisoft founder Gabor Bojar met in 1984 when Graphisoft had unveiled the ArchiCAD 3D design software for the Apple Lisa computer. Jobs apparently offered marketing and financial support for the company.”

Jobs will wear his trademark birthday suit turtle neck and jeans in the statue’s depiction of him. It is unclear whether the statue be incompatible with other features in the park, in true Apple fashion.

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