A Star Wars T-Shirt with Sound Effects AND Animation!

I know you come to this site for music news and videos (and general self esteem improvements), but instead I’m giving you crap a Star Wars t-shirt. But this isn’t any Star Wars t-shirt, it is both animated AND has sound effects! It shows the Death Star about to destroy an entire planet….but which one?! Well, if you watched the movie, you know the answer, but if you haven’t, don’t expect spoilers from me!

From the ThinkGeek site:

“The t-shirt will be able to light up a blast sequence that includes the superlaser powering-up and firing. Thanks to glowing EL technology and a white LED light for the final blast effect, it really does make the t-shirt come alive. Not content with just giving the illusion that it’s charging up a laser and firing, but there will be sound effects accompanying it thanks to a wired speaker box that can be hidden under your shirt or in your pocket.”

Check out a (hopefully intentional, terribly acted) video of the shirt in action, and be prepared to wow the boy or girl of your dreams by showing up at their doorstep wearing this shirt (and ONLY this shirt).

[youtube 4evUACV6dLc]

(via Geekologie)

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