Calgary Philharmonic Sing Your Warming Tweets

How do you stay warm? I’m in a Santa Claus onesie, but it is one size too small. How is that for a mental image? Oh wait, you don’t know what I look like. Picture Susan Boyle if she had a twin brother. Wait, that WOULD be Santa.

Anyway, warmth. For some reason, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra asked people to tweet their tips for staying warm. You would think that living in Calgary, you would already know this, but I digress (see the first paragraph of digressing). The orchestra then sang these tweets to the tune of O Fortuna. Now if you are freezing cold and don’t know how to warm up, just hum O Fortuna to yourself and hope the helpful tweets jog your memory.

[youtube ZNkj9LQINI0]
(via Gizmodo)

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