Even Toys Can Dream, Thanks to Google Street View

I like a good viral video as much as the next guy. Remember that monkey that smelt its own poo and fell out of a tree? Man, where would society be if millions of us didn’t have the opportunity to relive moments like THAT on the internet?

The Theory, which sounds like a bad name for a rapper or WWE wrestler, is a London-based production company. They used Google Street View, and stoppimation stop-motion animation, along with an appropriate musical score (to make this post music related!), to make quite the video that has gone viral. Have your box of tissues handy and watch the adventures of the toys (which is somehow NOT a Toy Story rip off), made possible by other toys, including R2-D2. Is there anything he can’t do? Yes – swim – did you see him on Dagobah?!

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

(via All Things D)

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