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Lollapalooza Announces Chile and Brazil 2012 Line Ups

What are you doing March 31/April 1 or April 7/8 2012? Well, if you’re in Santiago, Chile for the first dates or Sao Paulo, Brazil for the latter dates, you’d be wise to check out the South American Lollapalooza festivals. The acts have been announced for both festivals, and include Foo Fighters, Bj√∂rk, and Arctic Monkeys are the headliners. Other acts include MGMT, TV on the Radio, Skrillex, Foster the People, Band of Horses, Friendly Fires, and festival specialist, Gogol Bordello. Check out the full Brazil Lollapalooza line up details over at the official site. Hopefully the food tent does not include a massive Brazilian BBQ, or else I would miss all the bands.

France to Tax The Internet!

An idea that has been kicking around for years has been free candy for everyone! to tax the Internet Service Providers, and to use that money to subsidize the people getting screwed by internet piracy. Well, it looks like France is sort of doing it, as they are setting up a new tax to charge the ISPs, and then will use the tax money to fund the Centre National de la Musique (CNM) (via Slash Gear). The CNM provides funding for cultural events and for music events.

The debate around this method of taxing has always been whether it is fair to tax EVERYONE, when only a portion (albeit a LARGE portion) of people are illegally downloading. The other part of the debate, which isn’t fully realized with this new French tax, is do the musicians and movie studios and players see any of the money? In this case, not directly, but perhaps some of the money raised will fund indie musicians at cultural events in the country. The rest of the money is expected to be used on drugs and hookers.

Barack Obama Delivers Letter For Heavy D’s Funeral

US President Barack Obama had a letter read at Heavy D’s funeral this weekend in Mount Vernon, N.Y. (via The Hollywood Reporter). The 44 year old rapper Heavy D died last week, due to complications from pneumonia. The funeral included stories from Puff Daddy Diddy, plus a letter from Mr. President, which offered words of encouragement to Heavy’s 11 year old daughter.

“We extend our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time. He will be remembered for his infectious optimism and many contributions to American music. Please know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers,” read the Obama note, according to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who quoted from it during the service.”

“Among those in attendance were Usher, Queen Latifah, Don King, Q-Tip, John Legend and Rosie Perez. A wake held on Thursday attracted famous friends including Chris Rock, Flavor Flav and Russell Simmons.”

Watch! Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/An Argument

Every time I write ‘Fleet Foxes’, I smile, because I like the name so much. The name conjures up cartoonish images, sort of like some 80s cartoon that I somehow vaguely recall, although it never existed. Crazy stories aside, it appears lead singer Robin Peckfold’s brother, Sean, has the ability to read my thoughts, as he created an animated video for The Shrine/An Argument. The song is off the band’s most recent stellar album, Helplessness Blues, and you can watch it below.

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/An Argument

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