Morning Music Notes – You Can Teach An Old Dog New Apps

Google’s Announcement to Happen Today

The much discussed secretive Google press conference finally happens today, where it is expected they will give out free candy! announce their Google Music store. The latest rumours are that 3 major labels have signed onto Google – Sony, Universal, and EMI – with Warner as the hold out (via Yahoo). The Google Music store has a rumoured unique social media component, which includes a tie-in with Google+. If you buy a song, you can share 1-2 free listens with your circles (friends) on Google+. The announcement will settle all these rumours later today, but you can follow a Live Twitter stream below to see what people are saying.

Michael Jackson’s Death Bed NOT For Sale

There was some uproar (mainly from me) when it was announced that Michael Jackson’s death bed would be auctioned off. I’m all for memorabilia, but that is a bit too much. Well, now those who wanted to have sex sleep where MJ died will be sad – the bed is not for sale (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“Julien’s Auctions house, which was set to include the queen-sized headboard from the bed where Jackson died in its Dec. 17 auction, has pulled the item from the event featuring items from Jackson’s last residence, 100 North Carolwood Drive.”

“”This item is the only portion of the bed that had been listed for auction, and no part of the bed remains for sale,” company president Darren Julien told The AP. He added that the headboard was removed from the auction at the request of Jackson’s estate. Julien stated that the actual mattress that Jackson slept on was never part of the auction.”

Oh. Well, no mattress for sale, no story – thanks for clarifying after I got to milk it for 2 posts.

Sting to Release Music via Apps, Not Albums?

Sting, a man who is nearly 60 and still goes by the ridiculous name Sting, has said he prefers the new music release method of iOS apps (via Guardian).

“People are going to stop buying CDs,” Sting told Billboard. “People are going to stop selling and making them, so I am looking for different ways to get music to people, and the [app] at the moment seems to be the favourite … The app is the new model.”

His first venture into the world of apps is Sting 25, released this week. Accompanying a traditional CD box set, the app comprises a selection of photos, lyrics, interviews and concert footage related to the former Police singer’s solo career. “It’s very full and can also be constantly updated, so it’s not a static thing,” Sting said. “It’s organic.”

Sting did hit the nail on the head though – apps can be constantly updated. This is a key factor in the attractiveness of music via apps. You can update and release features, videos, music, demos – anything – and the fan will have instant access on their phone, which they pretty much always have with them. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Listen! The Maccabees – Pelican

Brighton England’s The Maccabees are set to release their third album, Given to the Wild, in January 2012. The album’s first single is Pelican and has an ‘official audio release’ on YouTube. Since I love official stuff, I figured it should be shared. Give The Maccabees’ song Pelican a listen to below.

The Maccabees – Pelican
[youtube bdNC9FVWdBk]

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