Rapper Heavy D Has Died

Rapper Heavy D has died at the age of 44 (via The Hollywood Reporter). The rapper, who recently appeared in Tower Heist, was found conscious on a sidewalk near his house, and then 911 was called. Luckily, Heavy D never said that 911 was a joke. The rapper was pronounced dead this afternoon,, with causes not yet known.

Heavy D was best known for rapping back in the good olde 90s, and founded Heavy D and the Boyz. Not one known for following the Atkins Diet, Heavy D and his group are best known for the In Living Color theme song, as well as Now That We Found Love. Relive some 90s magic by watching the classic theme song down below. Anyone else remember that Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl in the show?

[youtube -bhWOga-OEM]

Check out the reaction on the Twitter Universe (I refuse to use the compound word that is Twitterverse).

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