Nickelback Defiant and WILL Play Detroit Halftime Show (and WILL Get Hit With Bottles)

Have you ever been at a gig where the band and the crowd just don’t click for whatever reason? Be it a flippant comment, or an opening act that doesn’t match the crowd of the headliner, it can be an unpleasant scene. What often happens is bottles are thrown, the band swears, someone gets hit with a bottle or projectile, and the band storms off stage. Enter Nickelback and the Detroit Lions fans. As mentioned on the Morning Music Notes, Nickelback have been chosen to play at halftime at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day match. The fans have started a petition against this, and have over 40,000 “signatures” online, wanting Nickelback to stay in Canada (via Digital Music News).

“Sources inside the Nickelback camp told Digital Music News that the band is more determined than ever to perform, despite nearly 50,000 protests on (and counting). “The petition has just fired up [lead singer] Chad [Kroeger] and gang even more to rock the crowd harder,” one source shared.”

Remember, Chad Kroeger and the boys once walked off stage in Portugal after getting dinged with something. IT WAS A LOVE LETTER, Chad!

Check out a video of Nickelback below. Ha – don’t hold your breath.

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