Move Over Siri – I Would Rather Have Beeri Anyday!

iPhone’s virtual assistant has made my life worth living been dominating the tech news of late. You tell it to set an appointment, it sets an appointment in your phone. I’ll never be late for my How to Make Friends classes again! And if I am, I have Siri to be my friend anyway.

But talking to a virtual assistant is only so entertaining. You want to push the boundaries, and that means calling in the nerds looking into some more technical aspects. Advertising agency Redpepper set up a twitter account (@beeribot) and then the magic happens (via Slashgear).

“Beeri is an RC truck that has been modified to check the Twitter account @beeribot over Wi-Fi for new tweets with the “pour” command. The soon-to-be-beer-drinker tells Siri to tweet, “Could you pour me a beer?” to @beeribot. The truck picks up the word, revs itself up, and smashes into a sharp object to pierce the beer can (which is strapped to the front bumper). The frothy beverage flows down through a hole and into a pint glass below.”


I don’t care that I am 3 feet away from my beer fridge at all times, I want my damn phone to tell an RC truck to smash open a beer for me! Is that too much to ask? Check out a video of my future obsession below. Ignore the fact that half the can of beer is wasted….

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

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