Morning Music Notes – Hintity Hint Hints from Kanye West

Kanye West Hints at New Album

Renowned for his amazing meltdowns tweets, Kanye West was back at it again. However, he was a little more succinct, in true Twitter fashion. Posting on his Twitter last night, Kanye West said “GOODMUSIC.THE ALBUM.SPRING2012”.

Kanye West runs a label called GOOD Music (the name BAD Music was taken by Nickelback…). Last year, he started GOOD Music Fridays, when a new track would feature on his website, often from his then upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Basically, what I’m trying to say in the longest way possible is that Kanye West appears to have a new album ready for next spring, likely on his GOOD Music label. I certainly hope his tweet isn’t to say someone else on his label is releasing an album, because, no offense, I don’t give a shit.

Given Kanye’s recent release dates, it looks like there truly is no rest for the wicked. His last album, the amazing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was out in November 2010. His collaboration with Jay-Z on Watch the Throne was out this past August. If his solo album does come out in the Spring, that will be 3 albums in 1.5 years, which is great if you’re a Kanye fan. And seeing as he is on a hot streak, how can you not be?

Muse Plays the Charity Role

Millionaires Muse are giving back to the community that has made them millionaires. They have said that they will donate £15,000-worth of music equipment to a university in their native Devon, England (via NME).

Professor David Coslett, Dean of the Faculty of the Arts, told BBC News that the donation was a “wonderfully generous gesture”. “We are proud to be associated with the band, given their significant contribution to contemporary popular music and their links to the South West and the University.”

A couple of months ago, bassist Christ Wolstenholme said that the band were likely starting the writing process for their sixth studio album in “September and October”. Sadly, this means a studio album won’t follow until the earth crashes into the sun 2012 or likely 2013.

Bon Jovi Opens a ‘Pay What You Can’ Restaurant, Perfect for his Unemployed Fanbase

Jon Bon Jovi has opened up a novel idea for a restaurant in his native New Jersey – pay what you can (via Guardian). The place is called the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen, and is trying to give low income families cheap and healthy alternatives. Why does the guy have to go and do something nice – he’s ruining my joke potential.

Guests can pay what they can, and if they can pay nothing, then they are likely Bon Jovi fans can work as volunteers instead.

“The bistro’s opening menu includes rainbow beet salad, pork chops with fig and apple chutney, and homemade carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Everything is “organic, healthy, good-for-you food”, Bon Jovi said, but don’t expect to find him behind the stove. “I’m an expert at washing dishes, but I can cook less than zero.”

“At a time when one in five households are living at or below the poverty level, and at a time when one out of six Americans is food insecure, this is a restaurant whose time has come,” Bon Jovi said. “This is a place based on and built on community – by and for the community.”

So there you have it – Bon Jovi knows as much about cooking as he does about song writing.

Stream the new Lou Reed / Metallica album – Lulu

No offense to the rockers, but Lulu sounds like a bit of a wussy name for an album. Although kudos to you for making it sound cool by juxtaposing this with the armless, bloody mannequin album cover. Lulu, the collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, is out November 1 in North America, but you lucky readers can check it now over at the official Lulu website. If you do give it a listen, post any comments down below. If not, I will read your thoughts and post them below. You ate cat food for dinner last night?! Maybe I should take my mind reading powers elsewhere.

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